Solution For Trading


The data analysis service generates various products that can be modified according to customer needs. In particular, entire markets are analyzed through TAI (trading artificial intelligence) and a forecast of future trends is generated for each individual stock. The best stocks are selected to generate the high-yield (Best) portfolio. Solution For Trading through the TAI analysis system provides the following services:

Statistical data analysis: It is a statistical analysis package that allows you to obtain basic information on the historical data of a specific stock or index. Through these analyses, it is possible to obtain general references of the performance of the security or index in question.

Forecasts: Forecasts are the strong point of the system. They are generated through advanced calculation techniques, deriving from quantum mechanics. This information identifies the best times to make investments. They are an excellent support for strategic choices and portfolio management.

Big data management: The TAI system is capable of analyzing large amounts of data. It can track entire markets consisting of hundreds of stocks. From the sea of data being analysed, TAI it is able to select the most significant titles, with which excellent results are obtained.

Strategy and portfolio management: In addition to following the markets in real time, the TAI system is able to carry out simulations with different scenarios and over different periods. From these results you can better understand the dynamics of the market and therefore improve your investment strategies and portfolio management.

Process automation: Solution For Trading also provides the necessary support to automate data supply or exchange processes. In addition, where possible, programs are provided to automate the securities trading and portfolio management processes.

Consulting: Solution For Trading also provides consultancy on aspects concerning big data management, calculation methodologies, trading techniques and market analysis.